Seniors Covering Their Funeral In Record Numbers And It’s Driving the Greedy Industry Mad!

Thousands of families in the U.K. plunge into debt paying for the funeral expenses of a loved one.
The clock is ticking for seniors to protect their families from out of control funeral costs.

“It was hard to think straight or hear what the funeral director was saying. I was shattered losing my mum. 1 month later I had a £8380 funeral bill. It felt like my Mum died all over again when I had to put it all on credit cards.” – Haley Smith, Manchester.

It is so hard knowing you will never see a person you love again. Imagine grieving without knowing how you will pay next month’s credit card bill.

Why has it become so hard to pay for a funeral? Many people question the unregulated £30.7 billion funeral industry. Greedy funeral companies want you to think there are no options.

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Leaving a Legacy, Not a Funeral Bill

Savvy seniors have already had their funeral paid for. Imagine what the extra money you save over your lifetime would buy your family.

I will always be thankful that my Mum decided to pay for her own funeral. Her grandchild went to college because of her. It was Mum’s ultimate gift to the family.” – Nigel Aiden, London

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