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More People Than Ever Are Getting Funeral Plan Cover… Here’s Why…

Discover the Surprising Reasons for the Remarkable Increase in the Number of People Opting for Funeral Plan Policies.

Ten years ago, very few people opted for funeral plans. But that’s changed dramatically for several reasons I will reveal in a minute. In fact, over half a million people in the UK have opted for funeral plan insurance.

But first, what is a funeral plan and why do you need it? When you pass away, your loved ones will want to organize a funeral. Funeral plans cover the cost of the funeral and related expenses. And the costs are skyrocketing.

Today, even a modest funeral can cost at least £3,693. But that’s before costs for memorials, flowers, and catering which can be over £2,000. In addition, estate administration costs run well over £2,160. The government will not pay funeral expenses.

When all is said and done, funeral and related expenses can exceed £8,000 and the number is steadily increasing. In fact, one high street bank estimates that funeral expenses will exceed £24,000 by 2020*. See if you qualify to lock-in today’s prices >>>

In some cases, life insurance and money saved can cover funeral expenses. But if the person who has passed away has not prepared for the cost, then relatives must pay the expenses.

With funeral costs already high … and set to increase … more and more people are opting for funeral plans. Here’s why …

  1. Funeral plans are inexpensive. Most people are amazed when they discover funeral plans can be only a few pounds per week.
  2. Help your friends and relatives. Funeral plans means they pay nothing for your funeral expenses.
  3. Protection from price increases. A funeral plan can cover the increases in funeral expenses. So whatever the increase in funeral expenses, funeral plan insurance can provide coverage. Remember, funeral expenses could reach £24,000 by 2020.
  4. No health restrictions. Most funeral plans do not require any type of check up or health information. Simply sign up and you’re covered. It only takes a few minutes.
  5. Choose your funeral director so your family can organize a suitable funeral … plus you can select the solicitors you want to handle final legal arrangements.
  6. Reassurance for you and your loved ones that there’s a plan for the funeral and related events. Your relatives will never go in debt to pay for the funeral.
  7. No need to use life insurance or other monies. A funeral plan can cover all expenses.
  8. Simple peace of mind knowing you will have everything organized after your passing… with no complications and no out-of-pocket expenses for friends and relatives.

Getting a funeral plan is simple and easy. It’s also extremely inexpensive – especially when you consider the useful benefits. Getting a funeral plan quote takes just a few minutes. Your information is kept private and there’s no obligation to buy a funeral plan. You are simply requesting a quote.

To get your free quote, click here now or click the button below. Coverage is provided through one of the UK’s leading providers. Benefits are clearly explained with no “fine print” and surprises. Experts will answer any questions you have about funeral plans. Click here now to get your quote or click the button below.

How Can I Get A Quote?

  1. Step 1). Click your location on the map below to get a free quote.
  2. Step 2). Answer a few simple questions, compare quotes near you and find the best

Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

For most families, there comes a time when they must decide whether their aging parents are capable of living alone or if they should be moved into an assisted living facility. First and foremost, the health and functional capabilities of your elder play a large role in this decision. If they are healthy enough to live unassisted, then making sure their house is in top safety conditions is the next step. Here are some things you should check out when it comes to the safety of seniors in their home:

  • Is there enough lighting?
    Each room should be well lit so your elder can easily navigate through the house in the dark. We all know that our night vision gets weaker as we age, so adequate lighting throughout the entire household is a must. Adding nightlights to hallways or frequently visited rooms at night, like the bathroom, is also a good idea.
  • Are there smoke detectors?
    Make sure there are working smoke detectors in the house and follow the recommendation of changing the batteries yearly. You should also make sure there is a carbon monoxide detector as well.
  • Are there handrails along the staircases?
    Wherever there are steps, there should be sturdy railings. Senior citizens often struggle with maintaining their balance, and handrails help to make getting around easier. Make sure they are properly mounted and if it is applicable to have one on both sides of the stairwell, install them both. If necessary, having a stair lift installed is a great safety feature for senior citizens.
  • Is there a bathmat/handrail in the shower?
    Staircases aren’t the only place that require handrails. The shower should have one too. This will help your parent keep their balance while bathing and give them something to hold onto while they enter and exit the bathtub. There should also be a bathmat in the tub to help prevent slips and falls.
  • How are the floors/carpets holding up?
    If there are hardwood floors, are there loose boards? If there are carpets, are there rips and  tears? The floors should be an even, clean surface. You don’t want anyone to trip or stumble over any loose boards or lifted parts of the carpet. This also means that there should not be clutter, cords and other random objects on the floor that can get in someone’s path. Even throw rugs are a potential hazard due to their likelihood to move around. If there are throw rugs, secure them to the floor with double-sided tape.
  • Where are items that need to be reached daily located?
    If you are in the kitchen, how high are the cabinets? Where is the medicine kept? If anything is too high up for them to reach without assistance, this could cause problems. Is a stepstool needed? If so, make sure it does not wobble at all because you do not want someone to fall off of it. Try and put items that are frequently used in places that are easy to get to and do not require additional equipment to access.
  • Is there a fire extinguisher in the house?
    Hopefully they will never need to use a fire extinguisher, but accidents happen and there should be one somewhere in the house. Forgetting to blow out a candle or a mishap in the kitchen could cause a small fire and your parent should be prepared to put one out if this is the case. Also, make sure they are aware of how to use the fire extinguisher just in case one of these scenarios arises.
  • Is there a phone or emergency alert system accessible?
    Phones are absolutely necessary when someone is living alone because if there is an accident, they will need to call for help. Getting your parent a cell phone would also be beneficial, if they keep it on them, in case something happens when they are out of reach of the landline. If they are completely phoneless, they need an emergency alert system, no questions asked. An emergency alert system can be the only life saver in a situation where there is no phone available or they cannot get up to even get to the phone.

If your senior citizen has the physical strength and ability to maintain their memory and care for themselves on a daily basis, living alone is a possibility. Take the right steps to avoid even the most minor accident, as it can become more damaging if they are not properly prepared. Use this home safety checklist to make sure your loved one’s home is safe from top to bottom.

Seniors Covering Their Funeral In Record Numbers And It’s Driving the Greedy Industry Mad!

Thousands of families in the U.K. plunge into debt paying for the funeral expenses of a loved one.
The clock is ticking for seniors to protect their families from out of control funeral costs.

“It was hard to think straight or hear what the funeral director was saying. I was shattered losing my mum. 1 month later I had a £8380 funeral bill. It felt like my Mum died all over again when I had to put it all on credit cards.” – Haley Smith, Manchester.

It is so hard knowing you will never see a person you love again. Imagine grieving without knowing how you will pay next month’s credit card bill.

Why has it become so hard to pay for a funeral? Many people question the unregulated £30.7 billion funeral industry. Greedy funeral companies want you to think there are no options.

QUICK VERSION: Savvy UK citizens are checking if they qualify to cover future skyrocketing funeral costs. There is absolutely no cost to see if you qualify to lock in today’s prices. Click here instantly to see if you qualify.

Leaving a Legacy, Not a Funeral Bill

Savvy seniors have already had their funeral paid for. Imagine what the extra money you save over your lifetime would buy your family.

I will always be thankful that my Mum decided to pay for her own funeral. Her grandchild went to college because of her. It was Mum’s ultimate gift to the family.” – Nigel Aiden, London

Could you cover your own funeral? Click your icon below to find out.

How do I See if I Qualify?

It’s 100% free to see if you qualify.

  • Step 1: Choose your county in the map below to instantly check if you can qualify.
  • Step 2: Once you go through the quick 30 second quiz, you will find out if you qualify to cover your funeral. Many people report saving thousands over their lifetime.